picture of music teacher, Brannon Littleton

Learning music is not only technical, it also involves emotion, which can only be fully realized when the student is provided an environment which encourages creativity and the freedom to express oneself in a non-threatening format. At Montgomery School of Music, we make the learning experience challenging and inspiring, which helps to provide the student with a desire to stick with the instrument. The “homework” assignments only further promote this behavior, as short term rewards are realized when the student accomplishes something new each week.

Brannon Littleton 

Private Voice Lessons

The goal of voice lessons at MSoM is to help beginning and seasoned singers find their natural sound and apply it to their style of singing. Vocal exercises are explored in each session to strengthen the coordination needed for healthy singing, expand one's range for greater confidence with higher notes, and enhance stylistic expressions. Clients are provided a recording of each lesson so that during the time between appointments they can rehearse assigned exercises and songs.  As pieces are learned, performances is critiqued via audio and video recordings.

Private Piano Lessons 

Our facility is equipped with Steinway-designed pianos, digital pianos, iPads and computers.  Students are introduced to fundamental concepts of rhythm, notation, technique, and ear training. Whether you desire to play classical, jazz, country, or gospel, the concepts one will learn here will help prepare any budding pianist to excel at sight reading, professional performance and lead-sheet improvisation.  The learning experience is enhanced with the integration of computer software and HD videos for post-lesson review. 

Private Guitar Lessons

Our instructors are passionate about helping children and adults establish a musical foundation that will help last them a lifetime.  Students can choose their preferred instrument of classical, traditional acoustic, or electric guitar.  Rhythm, notation, strumming patterns, correct hand positions, ear-training, tabs -- these concepts, and more, are thoroughly covered during these private sessions.    

 Private Drum Lessons

Our drum studio is equipped with  high-quality drum sets, recording and audio equipment for track accompaniment and playback analysis, and iPad apps to enhance each session.  Students can expect systematic training on the foundations of rhythm, understanding of percussion notations, and application of rhythmic patterns with various genres. 

Private Trumpet Lessons
We are pleased to have Dr. Michael Huff from Troy University offer private lessons to students of all ages.  A sound approach to both technique, theory, and performance is offered, preparing students for band, auditions, and personal development.
Private Clarinet & Saxophone Lessons
MSoM provides private lessons in both clarinet and saxophone. These lessons are designed for both the absolute beginner as well as the advanced performer. Our instructor has performed with many jazz ensembles and international symphonies.  Students receive professional training in technique, effective breathing, notation, improvisation, music theory and stage presence.  These lessons are also open to students interested in all-state band preparation.