Music Lessons at The Waters

Since 2011, MSoM has been serving the River Region with quality music lessons for children and adults. Thanks to the concerted efforts of several passionate people at The Waters, we are pleased to announce the opening of a satellite location in this scenic community.

We will gradually throughout 2018 roll out some of our programs offered at our main location! We are thrilled about this new adventure and the opportunity to serve more people with quality music lessons.

Lessons Offered

  • Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Voice (coming soon)

Where / When

@ The Spot 



How do I sign up for lessons?
  • Per lesson basis -  Use our online scheduler to book individual lessons as you need them.
  • Recurring lessons - Requires enrollment in our monthly membership via submission of the autopay enrollment form.  Contact our office at 334-518-9335 for assistance.  

How much are lessons?

Meet the Instructors 
Derek Carnley - Guitar & Ukulele Instructor
Derek has been playing guitar for several years and holds a Bacherlors Degree Music Education in Guitar from Faulkner University. He considers himself a fast learner who loves music and wants to inspire the next generation with the love of music. Derek says, “Some of the most influential people have been my music teachers; they and the lessons they taught are what got me through hard times. Thus, I am very enthusiastic about the chance to teach." His main instrument is guitar -- classical or jazz -- but he also plays saxophone and percussion and his actively involved in composition work.  People say of him that his biggest strength is being encouraging to others. 
Meghin Agby - Vocal Instructor
Meghin was born in raised in the Birmingham area. She attended Huntingdon College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education with a concentration in choral music. During her time at Huntingdon she participated in the Huntingdon Concert choir and Huntingdon harmony, a pop jazz group. In her spare times she write descents for hymns. She sings with her church choir at Prattville first united Methodist church where she also interned with the music department. Meghin believes that music is in everyone and everyone should have fun creating music in their way.