Submission for Piano and Violin Master Class Participation, April 21st

We are pleased to host a violin and piano masterclass on April 21st, featuring Dr. Jared Starr and Dr. Andrew Lagrimas as guest instructors.  They will be reviewing submissions by interested participants to select 4 exceptional students ( 2 in piano and 2 in violin) to perform on April 21st at the Montgomery School of Music recital hall.

Those selected will be notified by email.   

The Master Class will begin at 12:00 on April 21st. Participants are encouraged to arrive early to ensure they are accustomed to the facility and have had a chance to rehearse.  Be sure and bring two copies of your music for the instructors.   Performers can contact MSoM and schedule rehearsal times in our recital hall (or studio rooms) prior to April 21st. It is important that you contact us regarding your rehearsal needs so we ensure you are assigned a rehearsal time, either on stage or in an available studio room. 

If you have questions, contact us at You may also contact the front desk at 334.518.9335.  

Participant requirements:
  • Intermediate - Advanced Repertoire.
  • 1 piece - 5 minutes maximum.
  • Upload a video of a recent performance to your preferred platform (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) 
  • Complete the application below and include the link to your video.  
  • Dr. Starr and Dr. Lagrimas will review submissions and choose 2 pianists and 2 violinists to perform at the master class.  Participants will be notified by email.

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