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Review from Brannon Littleton (director of MSoM):
                          "After years of collegiate-level vocal studies, I found myself still struggling with some basic concepts of singing.  Working with Brett and his flagship course Singing Success has completely transformed my approach to singing.  I use these products everyday to help me warm up the voice, maintain areas I have perfected in my singing, and also improve vocal skills in which I am still developing. I recommend Singing Success and its accompanying products to anyone!" 

 Disclosure:  As a proud affiliate of Singing Success, MSoM does receive commissions from each of these sales. We strongly support and approve the products that are linked below.

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  • Singing Success  - the ultimate, self-paced study course for singers wanting to establish a health foundation for lifelong singing
  • Mastering Mix - for advanced vocalists needing to strengthen and refine the "mix" register of their voice
  • Singing Success.tv - access hundreds of hours worth of video vocal lessons, singing tips and interviews for less than a $1 per day
  • Private lessons - schedule one on one sessions with Nashville's leading vocal coaches, even from the comfort of your own home

Watch these videos below as Brett explains the Singing Success and Master Mix programs.

We also are proud sponsors of David Lucas Burge's ear training courses.   

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