Private Lesson Rates:

At Montgomery School of Music, things are kept simple.  There are never any registration fees, administrative fees, recital fees, or contracts.  Clients have the options of scheduling single lessons or signing up for our monthly membership for weekly recurring lessons (subject to approval after initial lesson).   All appointments and payments are processed through our secure, online scheduler.  

  • enrollment must be done by administration; online booking for single sessions only
  • Monthly rate prorated throughout the year based upon amount ofweeks in a month

For mobile-friendly scheduling, download the app below.

MSoM Studio Policies  (abridged version; see Studio Handbook for complete policies)

1.Minimum Age for private lessons:

Piano & Drums — 5 (sometimes 4) and up

Voice — 10 and up

All other instruments — around 7 and up

*Often times we make exceptions to these guidelines based upon the development of the student.  Occasionally, we might even suggest waiting if a student appears to be not ready for private lessons. 

2. Makeup sessions:

It is important to understand that when you book a lesson, you are not simply paying for a block of time; rather, you are paying for that teacher’s credentials, expertise, and the overall experience at MSoM.  Thus, we do not offer makeups for sessions missed by clients. When you request a “makeup session” for a scheduled lesson that you missed, you are in effect asking the studio to pay the teacher twice.  We wish we could but it is just too costly to do so.  

3. Rescheduling Guidelines:

  • Life happens. Thus we want to provide clients with as much flexibility while ensuring the best interests of MSoM are also met.  There are three options for rescheduling.

    1. 30 days or more advance notice: guaranteed rescheduling or account credit for future use.
    2. Less than 30 days but 24 hours before lesson: rescheduling to a different day/time considered, but subject to availability.  Rescheduling is not guaranteed and account credit for next month is not granted. If there is no availability for rescheduling, clients can consider Option 3.
    3. less than 24 hours: There are two options for those who can’t make their appointment. 
        • Online Lesson with the teacher during the scheduled lesson time.
        • Video submission of your assignments.  Video links should be submitted at least an hour before your lesson for the teacher to review during your scheduled session; the front desk should be notified by both email and phone call and the teacher should be emailed as well.  Teachers will review your performance and provide feedback and further instruction at the end of your lesson time. Visit for instructions on setting up online lessons and video submissions.

  • Limit one rescheduling per client per month. Habitual abuse of this guideline and MSoM will discontinue a client’s privileges of rescheduling lessons at all.   

  • No refunds or makeup lessons if you choose not to attend your scheduled session due to failure to recall lesson day/time, vacations, parties, athletic events, homework, traffic, sniffles, etc

  • No rescheduling for same-day-as-lesson cancellations. This would necessitate our having to pay the teachers twice.    We do offer an online option during your lesson time if you can’t make it in person.

  • In order to have a guaranteed rescheduling or account credit for upcoming absence, you must notify us at least 30 days in advance.

  • Lessons cancelled by MSoM:  
    We provide rescheduled lessons or refunds for when we have to cancel a schedule lessons due to teacher absence or if the studio announces that it has closed for the day due to inclement weather. 

  • 30-day window to attend rescheduled lesson / make-up:
    In the event MSoM grants a rescheduled lesson or make-up, it is provided on the basis of 
    1) the availability of the instructor and 
    2) it must be used by the student within 30 days of the missed/cancelled appointment.
  • Clients are not permitted to reschedule a session that has already been rescheduled from another time.

Example of “dont’s”:

      • Do not wait til the week of your lesson to tell us that you can’t make it and expect a guaranteed rescheduling.  We will offer you what is available for rescheduling but if you can’t make it to any of those options, you will have to forfeit the lesson (or change your plans to make sure you attend).  
      • Do not call in two weeks before your vacation and expect a rescheduling or refund. Just don’t.  In effect you basically have asked the teacher that despite your having known you would be out of town and have asked him or her to hold that slot for you and possibly have turned down paying clients who wanted that slot, to now forfeit any pay from that time and move your slot to a different date.  You would not like to be treated this way if you were the teacher.  
      • Do not wait til after the 1st of the month to say “I can’t attend the rest of this month. May I have a refund or a credit on next month’s bill?”  You either have to take the rescheduled lessons we offer (if any is available) or forfeit those lessons. 

4. How to reschedule a lesson:

  • Online:  Simply log onto your account on our online scheduler to see where you can reschedule to an available slot. This feature will not function after 24hrs prior to your lesson.   Visit our tutorial page.  
  • In person: Stop by our front desk to get help on rescheduling to an available alternate slot. 
  • (Only one rescheduling request per month per client. Continual abuse of this policy will result in the client losing any privileges to reschedule.)

5. Withdrawing from recurring lessons:

To withdraw from enrollment in the monthly autopay plan and the recurring lessons requires submission of the Withdrawal Form to the front desk by the 1st of the desired last month of payment.  For instance if you want the April payment to be your last, you must submit the withdrawal form by April 1st.  You can not wait til the last week and ask to withdraw from the next month.  The official withdrawal form is the only acceptable means of withdrawing. Verbal acknowledgment to staff or an email are not sufficient.  This form can be found online at or at the front desk.  

Emergency Withdrawal 

In the event an emergency has occurred, such as physical trauma or the death of a loved one that requires immediate relocation, MSoM will consider waiver of the 30 day notification.  An emergency is not defined by “We are moving next week but just got so busy we forgot to tell you.” This is subject to MSoM approval. 

Switching Instruments or Teachers

For clients enrolled in recurring lessons where your future sessions have been reserved in advanced indefinitely at your requested time(s), one must follow the Withdrawal Guidelines for switching to a different instrument or teacher.  

1). Submit Withdrawal Form 30 days in advance

2). Submit Authorization for Enrollment form for desired new instrument or teacher.

6. Late payments

Recurring payments that are more than ten days late will result in termination of lesson enrollment.  Clients will be notified by email immediately by our online system if their monthly tuition payment has failed.  Many times this is due to expired credit card or a new card number has been issued.  It is the clients responsibility to update their billing information in a timely manner.  If multiple late payments occur, MSoM reserves the 

right to remove client from recurring lessons option and place them on a per lesson payment basis. This results in all desired lessons being paid for up front. 

7. Miscellaneous Guidelines

  • Periodically, MSoM offers short-term classes. Each class will release its own specific guidelines for booking, refunds, cancellations, etc.  Participating clients will be responsible for being familiar with those policies when released.
  • Unattended students: 
    MSoM does not assume responsibility for the welfare of students “dropped” off at the studio.  The right to bring legal action against the studio for any injury sustained is waived.  It is expected that a guardian or adult be on premises during lesson times. 
  • Tardiness:
    If you are more than ten minutes late for your session without having provided a prior notification of your tardiness, your session might be forfeited and either given to another waiting client or used for other purposes.  If you arrive after then ten-minute mark and have not notified the studio, there is no guarantee of lesson. 

  • Image and Audio Releases:
    Occasionally, the Montgomery School of Music records students in lessons for promotional purposes. All photographs and videoing are used in a professional manner to highlight the student.  If you are in objection to this, you must let us know in advance.

  • Musical Materials: 
    Many music materials for lessons can be purchased at the MSoM front desk.  No illegally photocopied material is permissible.