Private Lesson Rates:

At Montgomery School of Music, things are kept simple.  There are never any registration fees, administrative fees, recital fees, or contracts.  Clients have the options of scheduling single lessons or signing up for our monthly membership for weekly recurring lessons (subject to approval after initial lesson).   All appointments and payments are processed through our secure, online scheduler.  

 Single Sessions:

 1/2 hr - $30.00     1 hr - $60.00

Monthly Subscriptions (based on a 4 wk month)*:

  • enrollment must be done by administration; online booking for single sessions only
  • Tier One - Bachelor's Level or equivalent experience & knowledge
  • Tier Two - Master's Level or equivalent experience & knowledge
  • View our Instructors here.

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MSoM Studio Policies

All sales are final. No refund is ever provided for missed lessons.  

Pay-per-lesson plan:

If you pay on a per lesson basis, you must provide a 24 hour notification in order to reschedule your session.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for your session, you forfeit that appointment without a refund.  No refund is provided for any reason if you miss your lesson. 

Automatic-monthly-payment plan:

  •  If you are enrolled in the automatic payment plan, your weekly time slot is reserved for you as long as you remain enrolled. You never having to manually schedule your lessons.
  • Monthly tuition payments are configured on a prorated basis.  Typical months have 4 lessons, while a few have five or three sessions scheduled.  Clients are billed at the beginning of each month for the amount of lessons scheduled under their name for that month.  Refer to school calendar to determine openings for a specific month. There is available at our front desk a detailed payment schedule for each month of the year.  

It is important to note that under this discounted plan, clients are not paying for lessons received, but to reserve their particular time slot for the weeks that MSoM is open.

No refunds or make up sessions are given for missed lessons, vacations, conflicts with school events, or even sickness! Providing a 24 hour notice only puts you on a list to possibly receive a makeup lesson. 

For instance, you cannot be on the monthly discount plan and take a two-week vacation in July but only pay for the two weeks you are here at the discounted price.  In order to pay for those two lessons that month, you would have to be removed from the monthly plan (thus losing your reservation of that spot for indefinite usage) and pay the full per-lesson price.  To be reinstated on the discounted monthly plan in their original timeslot, that client must be placed on the waiting list and wait for their slot to become available. 

Image and Audio Releases: 

Occasionally, the Montgomery School of Music records students in lessons for promotional purposes. All photographs and videoing are used in a professional manner to highlight the student.  If you are in objection to this, you must let us know in advance. 

Make-up sessions and rescheduling:

Because our time slots are in high demand and our teachers have blocked off their schedule for you, we cannot guarantee the availability for rescheduling.  However, we do our best to accommodate a request for rescheduling with the understanding that we must have at least a 24-hour notice and that there are no credits or refunds given for missed lessons, regardless if you are provided a make-up session opportunity. 

(For a detailed copy of our attendance and rescheduling policy, please see our front desk.)

30-day window to attend rescheduled lesson / make-up:

In the event MSoM grants a rescheduled lesson or make-up, it is provided on the basis of 1) the availability of the instructor and 2) it must be used by the student within 30 days of the missed/cancelled appointment.

Lessons cancelled by MSoM:

Should MSoM find it necessary to cancel lessons for which you have paid, you will either be given a make-up session or a credit on the next billing. 


If you are more than ten minutes late for your session without having provided a prior notification by telephone of tardiness, your session will be forfeited and either given to another waiting client or used for other purposes.  If you arrive after then ten-minute mark and have not called, there is no guarantee of lesson. 

Discontinuation of lessons:

Although there is no long-term contract as many music schools demand, we do require a notice prior to withdrawing from lessons that have been reserved under the auto-pay system.  We ask clients to provide a written notice before the 1st of the preceding month in which they wish to withdraw.  (For example, if you wish to withdraw before April 1st payments are processed, you will need to let us know of your need to withdraw by March 1st.) When you sign  up  for the discounted auto-pay, you do so with the understanding that you are committing to at least  the next two months. 

Unattended students:

MSoM does not assume responsibility for the welfare of students “dropped” off at the studio.  The right to bring legal action against the studio for any injury sustained is waived.  It is expected that a guardian or adult be on premises during lesson times. 

Auto payments: 

Reservation of recurring lesson times requires enrollment in auto-pay.  Charges are made to your card on the first of each month.  

MSoM only provides makeup lessons and/or refunds for sessions that are cancelled by this studio.  We also reserve the right to make discretionary exemptions at any time.