Private Vocal Instructor

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MSoM, Montgomery, AL


The ideal candidate is vocal instructor with a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience along with an accredited university degree in vocal performance or pedagogy.  

The teacher will be conducting private one-on-one sessions with beginners and early intermediates in a studio setting.  Client ages will range from 10 - 80+.   Candidate will need to be adaptable to both the recreational music learners as well as the competitive minded musicians.  The MSoM's students come from a variety of backgrounds.  The teacher should be prepared to work around clients from different cultures, religions, and languages.  

This teaching position will require the candidate to be capable of providing private instruction in healthy vocal technique, intonation development, theory and sight-reading, repertoire exploration appropriate for client's voice type, and development of stage presence.  The teacher will also be expected to help direct small vocal ensembles. Candidate should be prepared to offer anatomical explanations for vocal fry, modal register, falsetto, whistle register as well as a thorough description of how the terms falsetto and head-voice are used interchangeably within the vocal pedagogical world.  The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding in vocal literature, vocal technique and the modification of vowels for the pursuit of the singer's formant, and a capacity for analyzing and addressing vocal fatigue, nodules, and other vocal problems.  

This is a year-round teaching position, with a schedule of 2 or 3 days per week (with a potential for full-time).  The work hours for this position are primarily based upon the teacher's availability.  However, depending on the demand of clients, candidate should also be prepared to accept responsibilities on Friday evenings, Saturday (10:00-2:00) and/or Sundays (2:00-4:30) if possible. 

All jobs here are provided with non-compete understanding.  Teachers cannot be engaged in private music lessons elsewhere in the surrounding area. Teachers also agree to not teach any students from MSoM for two years after their employment ends.  

Teacher Qualities:

  • BA in voice (Master Degree in vocal pedagogy preferred). 
  • Prior teaching experience is a must.  Highest priority given to candidates with certifications in teaching by Brett Manning or Seth Riggs and/or training in vocology.   
  • Knowledge of repertoire spanning both traditional and modern pieces.   
  • Thorough knowledge of the anatomical functions of the voice and a solid grasp on schools of thought such as Speech-Level Singing and the Alexander Technique.  
  • Capable of preparing teenage clients for vocal studies in college. 
  • Ability to teach sightreading to voice students.
  • A willingness and capacity to work with students who cannot match pitches.  
  • Experience directing small vocal ensembles.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Extreme patience, especially with younger students
  • Punctual and professional in appearance
  • Long-term residency in the local area
  • Team-spirited
  • Open to constructive feedback
  • Technologically savy (e.g., recording equipment and software, MIDI, music training apps, etc.)
  • Adept with social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc)
  • Clean criminal background check (no prior convictions)


 You are paid as an employee and will receive a W-2 at the end of the year.  This means you do not have to pay the extra 7.65% tax rate were you working as self-employed.

  • Renumeration is paid every two weeks, even when students are no-shows. 
  • You enjoy an administrative-free work environment.  (MSoM manages scheduling, collections, and all other managerial functions). There are no utilities or advertisement expenses on your part.  
  • MSoM provides workman's comp and general liability insurance.
  • Instruments, equipment (iPads, keyboards, recording equipment, etc), and teaching supplies are provided.  
  • Personalized MSoM business cards
  • Regular video features on MSoM's social media sites
  • Bio spotlight on MSoM's website and online scheduler
  • Participation in MSoM's recitals at no costs
  • Develop and use your own teaching approach
Application Process:
  1. Submit a short bio (Word, PDF, etc), along with expected hourly compensation.
  2. Submit resume with professional references.
All submissions should be sent to